Do you require support for mission critical streams?

We have plans available to provide you support direct with our developers and engineers.

4 plans are available, Premium, Standard, Bloomberg and Fast Data Tools; all pricing, in US Dollar, is per Kafka cluster with unlimited number of brokers per cluster.

All plans offer 24 x 7 support with a 6 hour SLA backed by email, chat channels (Slack) and tickets (Jira).

✔ Premium – Premium connectors, includes Certified Connectors. Standard packages connectors included.
✔ Bloomberg – Custom SLAs available on request.
✔ Fast Data Tools – Landoop UIs and Docker solutions.

For customized packages or support coverage and SLA’s please contact us.

Works with Bloomberg BPipe.
24 x 7. 6 hour SLA with Email, Chat and Tickets.
//blp/mkdata Endpoint Support
//blp/refdata Endpoint Support
Per production cluster (BSL License), $7000 for all clusters.
24 x 7. 6 hour SLA with Email, Chat and Tickets.
Schema Registry UI - Browser, create, diffs.
Topic Browser UI - Browse data and metadata.
Kafka Connect UI - Start, Stop, Pause, Deploy.
Docker Solution - For Testing all DataMountaineer Connectors.


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