Build It, Ship It, Run It

Want to Docker Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams? All our connectors, tools and Socket Streamer are available as Docker images via Landoop.

If you need:

  • Kafka Broker
  • ZooKeeper
  • Schema Registry
  • Kafka REST Proxy
  • Kafka Connect Distributed
  • Certified DataMountaineer Connectors (ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Redis ..)
  • Landoop’s Fast Data Web UIs : schema-registry , kafka-topics , kafka-connect) and
  • Embedded integration tests with examples

just run:

DataMountaineer Dockers

All our Connectors are available individually as dockers on DockerHub.


Running Kubernetes?

Checkout the DataMountaineer inspired Landscaper to create repeatable deployment of Kafka Streams topologies on kubernetes with Helm.


Live Demo?


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