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Source and Sink Connectors UI

Feed data realtime into Kafka from Yahoo, Twitter, Slack and more. Then sink it to Kudu, Elastic and more…

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Schema Registry UI

The Schema Registry is an integral part of the Kafka Streaming Platform. The Schema Registry UI gives:

  • Visibility of schemas in the topics
  • Schema validation
  • Ability to add new schemas
  • Ability to view changes with a Git based graphical diff.
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Kafka Topic Data Browsing

The Kafka Topic Browser allows you to:

  • Find topics
  • View topic metadata
  • Browse topic data (kafka messages)
  • View topic configuration
  • Download data
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Build It, Ship It, Run It

Connectors and KStream processors are perfect choice candidates for containerization. We have done this for you.

Deploy and test our connectors using Landoops Fast Data tools.


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