DataMountaineer, founded by experienced high worth BigData consultants, offers delivery of solutions for streaming/fast data platforms via consulting services and provides Kafka Connect Connectors. 

With a background implementing major projects in leading Tier One Investment Banks, Trading, Utilities and Media we use our experience and expertise to guide you on building out and delivering your Streaming Platform, DataHub or DataLake by using industry proven open source technologies.


In reality Big Data is a Big Data Flood. A streaming torrent of time series and events from IoT, sensors, logs, financial transactions and more. Using modern streaming analytics technology, we help you build architectures to turn this flood into reactive, scalable and robust streams of value.

At the core of our architecture is Kafka, a highly distributed, fault tolerant system that includes stream processing capabilities, message persistence and seamless integration to offline storage.

Go realtime or go out of business, why wait for batch, the world around us happens in real time.


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